haseley manor, isle of wight, a superb wedding venue
haseley manor, isle of wight, a superb wedding venue
Haseley Manor, Arreton, Isle of Wight, PO30 3AN.
Tel: (01983) 865420
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haseley manor, isle of wight, a superb wedding venue

We hope that you will choose Haseley Manor for your wedding. We have four weddings only each year and offer a superb and beautiful venue available from Easter until the end of September. You will have exclusive use of the premises for three days - to set up, the wedding day and the day after to clear up and you organise caterers, florists, photographers, cars etc of your choice and to suit your pockets. We provide the bar during the evening entertainment. You can make a provisional booking which we will hold for seven days. If you wish to confirm the booking please send your form completed as far as possible (both pages) and deposit within that time.

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Terms & Conditions

Our aim is to make your wedding day enjoyable and for it to pass without problems. These pages will help, and include some basic rules, which are required by law and/or the terms of our insurance and licences. Holding your wedding at Haseley Manor means that you have accepted them.


Haseley Manor is located at the East end of Arreton, which is on the A3056 road 5 miles to the South East of Newport, the County Town. Arreton is approximately ten miles from Ryde and from Cowes Ė the two foot ferry terminals, and 7 miles from Fishbourne and East Cowes, the car ferry terminals from Portsmouth and Southampton respectively.

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Haseley Manor is listed Grade II*, and is built on the site of a Saxon Manor House and includes part of a 14th Century Monastic Grange.

A Saxon Manor House, which was owned by the Earl of Wessex, (later King Harold), existed at Haseley at the time of the Domesday Book, After Haroldís death at Hastings in 1066, William I (William the Conqueror) seized the property, which was then passed to his son, William II (William Rufus) who was killed in the New Forest in 1100. Before William II died the property was passed to a Norman Baron, Engelger de Bohun, who gave it to Quarr Abbey in 1136. The transfer is recorded in one of the oldest deeds in existence which is held in the British Museum. The property remained in the hands of Quarr Abbey for 400 years and was used as a Monastic Grange with emphasis on the wool trade. During that time, part of the South wing was added to the original Saxon Manor House. The medieval raised cruck roof timbers provided the upper part of the great wool room which is located in the South wing. At the time of the reformation the property passed into private hands. During the 16th Century the 8th Century property was partly demolished and a new wing replaced it. During the 18th Century part of the Manor House was Georgianised and further extended. A date of 1787 is marked on one of the new timbers in the Georgian room. After approximately 350 years of ownership by the Fleming and Wills-Fleming family, the Manor House was sold in 1952 and then split up to provide accomodation for three farm workerís families until it was vacated and became derelict. It was purchased in 1976 by Mr and Mrs Young who commenced restoration two years later, opening it to the public as a museum of Country and Agricultural life. The income from this allowed the restoration to continue, and also various old barns and granaries to be acquired and reconstructed. The museum was closed in 2000 when the present owners, Anthony and Vivian Roberts bought the Manor.

It is now only open for weddings and various charity events. It is enclosed on three sides by the Roberts Nature Reserve which was opened by the present Earl of Wessex in 2006. This reserve is not open to the public or to wedding guests.

Preliminary Visits

You are welcome to visit Haseley to see the house and gardens at any time of the year. Caterers, bands etc can also visit to make arrangements prior to your wedding. Please phone or email to arrange a mutually convenient time. When you are visiting drive into the main courtyard.

General Safety

We have made the house and grounds as safe as possible. There are however many water features in the gardens together with a small stream. It is the legal responsibility of parents to look after their children at all times. We may mark off with tapes additional areas which may be dangerous, and also private areas in the grounds. Within the house and barns, fire exits and private areas are also well marked. We ask that you familiarise yourselves with these before the wedding day.

It is essential that no fire exit is blocked by tables, flowers, discos etc. at any time.

There are adequate fire extinguishers available in the event of a fire, and a member or members of staff are always available. All members of staff will be pleased to answer questions and deal with any problems at any time.

If first aid is required, there is a first aid kit in the barn kitchen, and an ambulance can be called from the private wing of the house at any time.


To avoid blocking emergency access, we ask that the cars or coaches of all guests are parked in the car park which is on the right at the end of the hedge in the lane. The entrance to the gardens is marked from the car park, and your guests can walk up through the gardens to the courtyard. There is however access for disabled drivers behind the wedding barn. Cars parked outside the wedding barn may be seen as background in wedding photographs and can block fire access.

Cars can be left in the car park overnight.


You can hold your reception drinks after your wedding in the Manor House, the Courtyard or the Wedding Barn.

Catering and meal

We do not cater in-house (but see under packages below), and this therefore gives you the opportunity to select the caterer of your choice, or to do it yourself. We can seat up to 145 people for a meal. We have a professional standard kitchen. The serving of your own wine and drinks must be during the reception and meal only.

We charge no corkage for alcohol provided by you at the reception and meal so this can save many hundreds of pounds. The caterers may make a charge for serving the wine and washing the glasses.

Access to the house and barn is normally available from 9 am. on the day prior to the wedding. We ask you to clear and sweep the barn the day after the wedding. It is the responsibility of the caterers to obey health and safety regulations, and to be fully responsible for their staff. The caterers are also responsible for cleaning the kitchen, and for removing all leftovers, bottles etc. You must inform caterers, florists, band etc that they must make arrangements for access before and after the wedding day by phone or email. The house will be shut when the meal is served.

Evening Entertainment

A dance can be held in the evening in the wedding barn. There is a raised stage for a band or disco, and ample room is made available for dancing. Additional guests up to a total of 210 people can be invited.


We do not allow any Bar other than our own and it is agreed that when our Bar (payment by cash) opens, usually as the evening party starts, no more alcohol or drinks, other than water, are provided by you. The bar will close at 11:50 hours and the whole event must finish by midnight.


There are people who can make all the wedding arrangements for you at a fee to be arranged between you and them. All service providers must have their own insurance for third party damage and for their own employees. It is in your interest to check that these are in place.


We have no accommodation for an overnight stay, but can make available a room and loo in the main house, at no extra charge, if the bride wishes to get ready in the house before the wedding. You are welcome to keep presents at your own risk in the main house overnight.

Additional Facilities

By mutual arrangement with ourselves it may be possible to alter the decoration or lighting of the wedding barn. Any additional work done by us will be charged, and the cost agreed prior to the wedding. Agreed changes and charges will be confirmed in writing. Any changes you make to the dedcorations in the barn must be removed by you, please.


We are happy that biodegradeable confetti is part of any wedding but we would ask that it is not used in the Manor itself but used in the courtyard or wedding barn. Biodegradable confetti is now available for purchase, and clearly would be very much appreciated.

Photography and Video

You may select the photographer of your choice. There are many excellent features in the gardens to make your photographs memorable. Even if it is raining, the interior of the house is photogenic. In the event of rain it would be possible to return with the photographer during the next week to use the gardens.


We ask that all guests vacate the premises completely by midnight. Please ask them to telephone for a taxi, but be advised there may be a wait of at least two hours if ordered too late. It is better to pre-book taxis. Guests are very welcome to leave their cars in the car park overnight so as not risk being over the limit.


All sorts of disasters can occur between booking your wedding and the actual day. It is worth considering covering your non returnable costs with insurance. This is available from any insurance broker.

And finally

We will try to make your wedding day perfect. Please advise us of any worries, problems or queries beforehand so that if possible they can be sorted before your big day.

We hope that you will choose Haseley Manor for your wedding.